Ambition has been in demand as the company has been able to meet the increasingly demanding challenges of carpentry expertise over the years. Raision Puusepät Oy started its operations in 1985 with ship interiors and has since developed its special expertise, especially as an implementer of demanding public space interiors and furnishings.

The work speaks for itself. Our most famous references are the furnishing of the Parliament House, the Swedish Parliament Hall and the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, as well as the interior of the main hall of the Helsinki Music Centre. They have all required special skills, innovation and investment in job planning.

Raision Puusepät has grown steadily and now employs about 20 experts in the field. We are investing heavily in new machinery and state-of-the-art factory facilities. The latest investments have been driven by energy efficiency and climate concerns: the luminaires in the production facilities have all been replaced by LED luminaires, the compressors have an energy-saving inverter control and there is an 83-kilowatt solar power plant on the roof of the hall.


Jarmo Yrjölä joined Raision Puusepät in 2000. As a project manager, he was able to design and implement the contracts for the parliamentary annex, i.e. the Small Parliament and the Helsinki Finland Temple. The work performance was so strong that in 2004 Yrjölä became the company's managing director and shareholder. During all these years, one thing has remained unchanged: respect for the art of carpentry.

- We at Raision Puusepät do not forget the basic fundamentals of carpentry. No matter how great machines and programs are, we need to know how wood behaves.

- We always also pay careful attention to details. For example, we make the visible veneer ourselves for a particular product or object. And it shows.

Jarmo Yrjölä has not been afraid to pilot his company into challenging projects.

- The bigger and more difficult the work, the more it excites us.

Succeeding in a demanding project is also what brings joy and relevance to the job.

- When the hall of the Helsinki Music Centre was completed, I stood there alone for a while to take it all in. I felt tremendous pride in our work and appreciation for our employees. The necessary working methods were created in the hands of our number one men and our whole team was able to show what we are capable of. We succeeded again!

Jarmo Yrjölä looks to the future with confidence and a positive attitude

- Raision Puusepät is a very adaptable company. We have no problem going outside our comfort zone and our constantly developing machine base allows for many projects. We have also invested in 3D design expertise, so we look forward to future challenges.


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