We produce even the most special furnishings exactly according to the architect's plans and the look of the brand. The furnishings are delivered and installed in place.


We execute furnishings for various projects. Quality and attention to detail can be clearly seen in the furnishings in the meeting rooms. The round conference table is made of Corian. All the necessary audio-visual equipment is embedded behind the hatches within the reach of everyone in the meeting.

The glass walls of the peanut-shaped conference room follow the curves of a conference table of the same shape. Challenging glass wall elements are precisely dimensioned and manufactured in Raisio.

Regarding the auditorium furnishings, the tables, surfaces and wall panels are from our workshop. The surfaces of the tables in the hall are Corian and the bent front panels are ash. The laminated veneer wall panels have step angles in every direction, but the whole is still spectacular.

The conference table made of Corian fits nicely with the elm-shingled wall. The wall, table and display furnishings are finished in the workshop.


Glass-walled team space

Round conference table

A wood-shingled wall

Meeting room

Oak veneered conference table

Curved auditorium tables and sloping walls

The white sofa furnishings in the large lobby area is Corian, which also have upholstered seating. The sockets and the LED lights are fixed on the bottom edge of the bench. In the middle of the triangular sofa is an area for plants.

The front edge mirror of the impressive reception desk is sandblasted with “tears” that are highlighted by lighting. The customer level of the furniture is upholstered in leather.

The leather railing is woven on site onto the stair railings in the company's official reception premises.

A solid oak staircase and suitable seating benches have been made for the customer waiting area.

Leather railing

Reception furniture

Corian sofa

Corian sofa

Waiting room

The break room kitchens in the business premises have integrated household appliances and they are made to order to suit the site.

The black stone counter in the break room is lightened by plinth lighting. The table tops of the round tables are made of stone with brass edges. The table legs are covered with concrete.

Break kitchen

Break kitchen

Break room


Also for large and
demanding projects