Our delivery in the main concert hall of the Helsinki Music Centre included: wooden and aluminium wall cladding, wooden suspended ceilings, lining of the orchestral podium with knot-free pine and walnut parquet in the hall, as well as wooden handrails.

The wall cladding of the main concert hall is stained birch and aluminium and the suspended ceilings are stained birch. The acoustics of the whole hall have been taken into account in both. The orchestral podium is lined with knot-free pine and hardwax oil was used as a surface treatment. The auditorium parquet and handrails are walnut. The hall has a total of 28 different auditorium sections and there are about 1,700 seats.

Wall cladding and suspended ceiling cladding is a “cavity panel” made of solid birch, glued together in small blocks of birch. According to the instructions of the acoustic designer, the immersion is 30% of the upholstery area, the acoustics of the hall are specially designed for acoustic instruments.

The orchestral podium is semicircular and lined with knot-free pine. It covers an area of 283 m2 and has 20 stage lifts, which are always raised and lowered per concert. We made a similar podium for the rehearsal hall, where the podium works the same way.

Upon entering from Mannerheimintie, you can see the panelling made of solid birch in the foyer which we supplied. The walls rise in places to a height of more than 24 metres and are backed by 50mm acoustic wool.

In addition to the "cavity panel" in the foyer, aluminium panels were included in our delivery, as well as long door handles made of two different types of wood (walnut and ash).

Architect: LPR Arkkitehdit
Pictures: Voitto Niemelä

Fact box:

Total wood surfaces n. 13 000 m²

Wall cladding in the main hall n. 3800 m²

Wall cladding in the foyer n. 2200 m²

Orchestral podium in the main hall 283 m²

Year of completion 2011


The walls of the foyer rise to a height of 24 m.


The wooden handrails are walnut and ash.


In the middle of the hall there is a semicircular orchestra podium.


The acoustic panels have been manufactured in accordance with the industry standards.


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