We are an authorized Corian manufacturer. Corian is a durable and easy-care material. Corian furniture is high quality and practical. It is a long-term and profitable.  


With our comprehensive machine base, Corian can be adapted to almost any shape, for example with the help of heat. Even large entities are created by our skilled employees.

At the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, we delivered departure gate furniture to several gates. This included a departure gate counter made of Corian, a screen, benches, and room divider screens. A translucent text is on the departure gate furniture.

The reception desk in the office building has external and internal angles. Consistent and high quality can be seen in the care of even the smallest details.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport 

Cumulus Meilahti

Office building reception desk

Sink fittings are glued accurately, leaving any seams invisible. This gives a unified and aesthetic element to the bathroom. The furniture is made according to plans and we make the more special basins in our factory with the help of thermoforms.

The black sink fittings have a full-width basin.

The Hotel Presidentti's sink fittings are made of white Glacier White Corian. The metal frame is fire-painted gray.

Corian Glacier White shades have been used in Cumulus Meilahti's sink fittings.


Hotel Presidentti

Scandic Meilahti

Black sink fittings

Sink fittings and mirrored cabinet

Round sinks 

Large Corian ensembles are a striking element.

Even in large projects, we take into account the details, so that the whole works both from afar as well as up close.

The white sofa furniture in the large lobby area is Corian, which also has upholstered seating. The sockets and the LED lights are fixed on the bottom edge of the bench. In the middle of the triangular sofa is an area for plants.

The round conference table is made of Corian. All the necessary audio-visual equipment is embedded behind the hatches within the reach of everyone in the meeting.

The conference room wedge-shaped conference table is Glacier White Corian. The table is equipped with AV equipment and screens rising from the table. The Corian frame, made for two 102” displays, slides up and down as needed.

The counter of the café is marble Corian.

Corian sofa

Conference table

Sink fittings

Round conference table

Café counter


Also for large and
demanding projects