We manufacture even large units with precision at our factory in Raisio.

Our delivery in the main concert hall of the Helsinki Music Centre included: wooden and aluminium wall cladding, wooden suspended ceilings, lining of the orchestral podium with knot-free pine and walnut parquet in the hall, as well as wooden handrails.

The Helsinki Finland Temple is the 124th temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the world. The temple is the holiest place on earth for Church members. Particular attention was paid to high quality in the construction work so that the end result of the temple building would meet the requirements of the most sacred place of the church.

Carpentry companies that have previously decorated temples in other countries and Raision Puusepät Oy participated in the international tendering process. In addition to the tender, the contractors had to show their skills with large-scale models. We won the demanding tender with a price-quality ratio that satisfied the customer. This is how we were involved in a challenging project where the whole staff got to show what they can do.

In the Swedish Parliament, we made the tables in the Chamber.

Music Centre

Helsinki Finland Temple

The Swedish Parliament Hall

Helsinki Finland Temple

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport's Pier Zero café consists of many elements that have been made in our workshop. Our contract included brushed stainless steel wall cladding and café lines. The café furniture has straight grain oak veneer.

The counter is made of marble-patterned Corian for the serving island. The pattern continues at the edges of the counter. The furniture doors are painted furniture board.

The round serving islands have ash and bent lamination. Refrigeration and heating equipment are integrated in the furniture.


Pier Zero café

Oak serving counter

Marble patterned serving island

Round serving islands

Cumulus Meilahti

The aluminium panels of the Music Centre foyer were included in our delivery, as well as door handles made of two different types of wood (walnut and ash).

The stairs of the office building in the centre of Helsinki from street level to the fifth floor were lined with straight-grain oak.

Departure gate

Music Centre

Oak stairs


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